This page explains how to make the best use of our services to find a Russian woman who meets your criteria and vice-versa.
Our site is not about a simple virtual relationship, we provide all the services required to meet your correspondent in person.
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Hello Alain, I`d like to thank you for all helps during my travel to Ukraine. I wasn`t prepared for this travel but I itend do another I hope soon. I have received a really good reception on Kiev. I enjoyed a lot the reception. I really enjoyed my stay in Poltava. Luba gave me all necessary suport while I was there. Alexandre, Brasil
Alain, You will get a book of thank you letters soon as I found the one in a million for me in Grodno. Just returned from my 2nd trip in two months I think and I am very exstatic in saying that I am engaged to the finest girl for me in the world without a doubt. Not only in beauty but all those little descriptive phrases like my best friend, soul mate, 110% chemically attracted, I am out of words as they dont describe her well enough. I love that place Grodno, and of course, Maya always looks after me there. Anything is really appreciated, you are a god in my eyes right now. Last thing I have to tell you. In less than one day with Svetlana, I felt more comfortable, relaxed, just really happy than compared to even years of any other woman I have ever met, and I am not just saying thiese things. What a friendly, good hearted, morally supreme group of people. Thanks for your recommendation about Grodno. Joe W., Houston
Hi Yulia and Alain. Firstly I would like to say what a first class site you have here. I really feel confident when dealing with you guys and over time we have established a bond of trust. I went to Odessa looking for my other half and I must say I think I have found her. I found the whole trip was well organised from Elena and Larisa both. Elena and Larisa where great with me, giving me help and advice when ever I wanted it. I look forward to seeing them again when I return to Odessa in the summer. Thankyou for all your help so far. Sincerely Geraint
Hello dear Yuliya. I will tell you a little about my visit in Grodno. I did get all the info and help from Maya before the travel I needed. I was picked up at airport at arrival in Minsk. In Grodno I was given this nice apartment, where I was provided some food and fruit and juice for a couple of days. Maya arrangended the meeting and she did not look at the time under the meeting, she told us that we could call if there was any problems no matter what the time was. The meeting was very good, we did spend the days and evenings together. When I needed internet, I was given a computer with internet at agency free go charge. When I had to go back to Minsk I was picked up and got to airport in good time. So I must say that it was a good tour to Grodno. And I must say that I am very satisfied with the service Maya and her people in the agency give. I have this feeling that I was treated like a member in her family. I think you already know it, Maya is very good at her job, she do it with good humor and create a good and positive atmosphere. Hope everything is great and good in Canada. Best regards Kim
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How to Make the Best Use of our Site and Services
To Meet Single Russian Women who may be a Good Match

This page explains how to make the best use of our site and services in order to meet single Russian or Ukrainian women who meet your criteria and vice-versa. The ladies featured on our site are single and actively seeking a life partner. While some ladies are still hoping to find someone locally, many have given up on finding their life partner in their own country and are broadening their search to different countries.

The fact is that most Russian women are family oriented and for different reasons, many cannot find a man who wishes to engage in a serious relationship in their own country. In a similar way, many men from countries of the west are facing the same situation. This is at the very basis of this East meets West phenomenon. Each year, thousands of Russian women are becoming the brides of men from the west.

We understand that everybody has its own way of doing things and what really matters in the end is to reach our objectives. However, our experience and statistics show that men who follow our suggestions on how to use our services have a good rate of success at finding a life partner in Russia or the Ukraine.

Here is how we suggest to proceed :

  • Prepare your introduction letter in which you will describe yourself in an honest way and also indicate what you seek in a life partner.
  • Make a search to find profiles that meet your criteria and vice-versa, meaning that you also meet the criteria of what the lady seeks in a life partner. Note: this step is crucial. Don’t let only the physical beauty guide you and stick to your list of criteria. There are certainly many beautiful women who match your criteria and vice-versa. Regarding the age difference, try to keep it below 15 years. Of course, there are many happy couples with a greater age difference, but generally speaking, keeping it below 15 will increase your chances of success.
  • Introduce yourself to the selected ladies by sending them your letter. Of course, you can personalise your letter in accordance to what aspects attract to her and also, what makes you think that you match her criteria of a life partner as well. You may write to one woman only to begin with or write to a few, it is up to you. Be patient and don’t worry; you will get a reply from each lady, whether it is positive or negative. Note: if the lady is not interested, you will be informed and the credits used to write her will be reimbursed to your account.
  • Analyse the answers and redo you list of women in importance according to the quality of the letter they wrote you. Again, be careful to not let only the physical beauty guide you.
  • Reply to the women in accordance to their importance level on your list. This second letter is the occasion to go a little deeper in the question and answers, but be careful to not go too personal righty away as this could be seen negatively. Again, you can reply to one only and wait for her reply or reply to a few right away, it is your personal choice.
  • Again, analyse the answers and redo your list. If you are out of candidates, go back to square one and do more searches. Otherwise, if one or a few women retain your attention, reply them while going a bit deeper in the personal questions and answers. At each step, it is important to elaborate on your aspects that are important to you, regarding your situation or her situation. Note: in our opinion, it is not advised to talk about subjects related to intimacy, such as sexuality, unless there is a medical condition present and you think that the woman should be informed.
  • After 3 – 4 letters, invite the lady for an audio-video meeting on Skype. This will allow you to talk to each other while seeing each other at the same time, which will bring another dimension to the relationship. To do this, go on the lady’s profile page and click the link « Skype with (name of lady)”.
  • The audio-video meeting went well and you are more and more attracted to each other. Very good; keep developing the relationship per letters and audio-video meetings. As you know, women generally like to receive flowers and of course, Russian and Ukrainian women are not exceptions to this rule, at the opposite. Go on the lady’s profile page and click the link “Send Flower and Gifts to (name of lady)” while adding a short message that will not leave her indifferent. Note: you will receive a photo of the lady taken while she is receiving your flowers.
  • You exchanged several letters, you shared audio-video Skype meetings and your relationship keeps getting more serious and deeper. You both feel like planning a face to face meeting. Discuss the dates and from her profile page, click the link “Plan a meeting with me”. This will confirm the meeting with the lady and will allow you to reserve an apartment in her city. You can also, optionally, book the airport pick-up and drop-off, the services of an interpreter, etc. Note: the first meeting normally takes place at our agency’s offices but if both parties agree, it can be in a public place such as a café or a restaurant.
  • The first meeting went well and you wish to meet again. Of course, you are free to meet as you wish and you can keep using our services, such as the help of an interpreter, etc.
  • Your short vacation has ended and you’re back home, the hearth filled with emotions. You communicate daily over the phone, by emails and with Skype and you are now sharing a love relationship from a distance. The time has come to plan the next meeting. If she agrees to visit you in your country and she can do it, meaning that she does not need a visa or that she can get a visa if it is required, it is a very interesting option to consider. But chances are that she will require a visa and that she won’t be able to obtain one. This second meeting can, again, take place in her hometown. This will allow you to meet her family and friends to learn more on her lifestyle and on her culture and traditions. Note: this second meeting can also take place in some neutral ground and be the occasion to share a vacation on a beach, under the sun. Many destinations where she could easily get a visa can be considered, between others, there are Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
  • The second meeting went well and you are now a very happy couple. The time has come to plan common life. If you live in a country where she can visit you without a visa or that she can obtain one if required, of course, it is a good idea that she comes live with you for a few months, which will allow her and you to get to know each other better. But, in most cases, it is difficult or merely impossible that she can obtain a tourist or visit visa. If such is the case, the next step is to plan the wedding. Of course, given that you know each other for a relatively sort laps of time, it seems a bit risky to think wedding so soon but wasn’t it the reason that brought to begin this process? Meaning, weren’t you looking for someone to share your life with? Go for it and plan your wedding. Again, this can happen in her hometown or elsewhere. What matters is that the wedding certificate is delivered by authorities that are recognized by your country’s authorities.
  • The next step is the immigration process. Your wife needs to apply for immigration to join her husband and you need to apply to sponsor your wife. Each country has its own immigration and citizenship policies but generally speaking, the process is smooth and before you know it, you and your Russian wife are living under the same roof.
  • If your wife speaks your language, it is definitely an advantage, but most likely, she will not or not very much and obviously, this wasn’t such a big problem since you are now married and deeply in love. You must now do everything to facilitate her adaptation in your country and one of the first steps is that she learns your language to a level sufficient enough to be functional. It is recommended that she take classes, either in group at school, or with a private tutor. If she wishes to find a job and she has diplomas, you should consult with your government to see what diplomas are recognized and / or what is required to obtain their recognition.

Each Year, Men from UK and different Countries
Meet Beautiful Russian or Ukrainian Women
Our Marriage Agency Contributes to Happy Weddings

Each year, thousands of men from UK and many other countries, meet beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women. With the help of our marriage agencies located in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine, we contribute to the celebration of happy marriages.

Russian and Ukrainian girls dream to find a man who will love them and beloved and to share a happy family life. If you believe that one of these pretty girls could one day be your life partner, why not take a chance and give it a try?

Now that you know how to proceed, the next step is to browse the profiles of these beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women and who knows, it may be the first step that will allow you to meet single Russian and Ukrainian women who are seeking a life partner.



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